Dead Hours, The – Embrace

The second disc I hear of the Swedish act The Dead Hours, and again a worthwhile experience. They have an original sound and rather varied compositions, which I find very hard to describe. Classical influences, electronica, ambient, pop and darkwave are just some of the ingredients which make up for an intriguing album.

The album lasts 36 minutes, which I find a pleasant length. To fill the remaining space the promo disc has been filled to the brim with data and audio material, their two previous albums and some loose songs. Some parts make me think of chamber music or twisted waltzes, in other pieces modern minimal electronica plays the overtone, followed by an olf-fashioned organ in the next bit. There are accessible songs with nice poppy female vocals by Lisa Velander, while others are experimental tracks based around spoken word samples.

The music created by mastermind Dennis R Lindfors generally has very rich textures and every composition has its surprises. Sometimes filmic and melancholic, then again morbid and spooky or simply weird. The best thing would be to listen for yourself…

You can download all tracks and artwork of this album from netlabel Kallisti Gold at

artist: Dead Hours, The
label: Kallisti Gold
details: 10 tracks, 36 min.