Dead Man`s Hill – The Magic Hand

Belgium has a fine tradition when it comes to electronic music. Especially underground styles like EBM and industrial have flourished in the past. Dead Man’s Hill is a Belgian industrial act that fits better in the Scandinavian tradition, judging the sound of the act. The music has clear references to some Cold Meat Industry bands.

The combination of dark atmospheres and industrial percussion sounds convincing on this disc. Due to the mostly militaristic sounding, but sober hythms the music sounds violent and cold. On The Magic Hand there are seven untitled tracks that are all very strong.

If Dead Man’s Hill is able to maintain this standard, and maybe perfect a little, the project should have no problem getting signed by a label. The production could be a little better and a few more sounds would benefit the music also. But besides that nothing than praise for this demo cd.

artist: Dead Man`s Hill
label: self-released