Dead Raven Choir – But inside they are ravening wolves

Another cdr full of ‘intense and barbaric psych-folk’ from Dead Raven Choir. And as usual an albumtitle with wolves in it. Eleven tracks can be found on this 35-minute release, with texts from illustrious poets like Yeats and Milne. This cdr will soon also be released in Poland by Cat Sun Release. Dead Raven Choir brings us again their strange grim and twisted psychedelic folky mix, full of dissonant distorted sounds, a peculiar madman voice and unusual song structures. The deep basses give the music an even more eerie character. Dead Raven Choir creates a sombre and sad atmosphere once more. Their are a few more lighter touches in the music, which sounds a little more sophisticated and accessible than on other releases. Though still not something for a wide audience. I find this their best cdr so far, though it is not something I will play a lot.

“The blood of two wolves” is more of a one-off live album. Although live is perhaps a strange term, if you consider that the audience consisted of ‘wet leaves’. It contains 10 tracks, this time with all words adapted from the poet Georg Trakl. According to the sleeve, these songs were recorded ‘in mono on a stormy fucking night’. Naturally this album sounds more raw and improvised. The storm makes it even more psychedelic. But to me it sounds too much like an average jamsession, recorded in a primitive manner.

artist: Dead Raven Choir
label: Last Visible Dog