Dead Raven Choir – In all Poems there are Wolves

This self-produced cd, that reached me recently from the USA, has a not so everyday title. The same could be said of the music, which I can’t easily compare to other bands. The music can be described as avantgarde folk, but not really of the World Serpent type. The man behind this project is called the digger Smolken, who takes care of all instruments and voices. Some lyrics are taken from traditional or literary sources, like A.A. Milne (mostly known for Winnie the Pooh). Unfortunately they’re weren’t printed lyrics included in the demo I received, and I can’t decypher them too well, but they have a grim atmosphere. The singing is rather peculiar, a bit theatrical and grave, in fact it is more declamating than singing. The singing is accompanied by an interesting background of mainly acoustic and electric guitars. Although the music is very minimal, it isn’t just accompanying the singing, it adds to the solemn, tormented atmosphere. The music also is not very melodic and dissonant at times, to make sure you don’t lose your attention. Perhaps the album could use a bit more variation, but overall this act is interesting and original. Music for quiet introspective moments. Visit the Dead Raven Choir page on to hear some tracks… You can also hear some music there that differs completely from the sound on this release, namely black metal…

artist: Dead Raven Choir
label: DarkBlack MusikProduktion