Dead Raven Choir & Never Presence Forever – Rozrywa szwy ciszy

Dead Raven Choir aka Smolken, I believe a Texan of Polish origin, is a curious act of which I reviewed work before. This time he has worked together with Never Presence Forever to create an album filled with strange soundscapes. Smolken’s rather sad traditional folk elements (cello) are combined with the distorted noise and drones of Never Presence Forever. Dead Raven Choir is usually characterised by the curious vocal style of protagonist Smolken. This time his voice is almost completely covered beneath the dense soundscapes. According to their label, the inspiration for this creation came from the work of a dead poet, Krzysztof Kamil Baczynski, who died during the Warsaw uprising of 1944. The collaboration of the two highly different artists makes up for an interesting creation with quite some tension in it. No easy listening of course, but an origanal work to stimulate your fantasy.

artist: Dead Raven Choir & Never Presence Forever
label: Somnambulant Records
details: cdr, 5 tracks, 34 min.lim. 200 copies [som002]