Deadchovsky – Decadence Revolution

Fans of music with the old batcave feeling will be delighted with this album by Deadchovsky. Spooky basslines, haunting guitar pieces, screamed vocals and creepy percussion are the tools of this band.
The production of Decadence Revolution is also sounding very 80’s and could have been better. Although it fits the music well. Musically there is nothing new to the sound of Deadchovsky. This record is an solid album with some decent songs on it like ‘Falling Curtiain’ and ‘Hallucinogène’. More interesting are the slower and somewhat cabaresque tracks ‘Le sandwichier glauque de Montmartre’ and ‘Bacterium on the drive’.
As said, nothing really shocking here, but also not a bad record in the genre.

artist: Deadchovsky
label: Manic Depression Records
details: 11 tracks [MD005]