Death in June – All pigs must die

A remarkable album consisting of two very different parts. And also the cover and subject matter of the album attract attention: Douglas P. is again on a crusade against the World Serpent (his former label) crew, who he prefers to call the ‘three little piggies’. When he starts a song with “This is a story about people who like to waste time”, there are few doubts about who those people might be… Off to the music then. Douglas has parted company with Albin Julius here, who played a prominent part on the previous two albums. But he found a new partner in crime: Andreas Ritter of the excellent German group Forseti.

With the input of Ritter on the first few tracks Death in June goes back to a very folky style, with songs with acoustic guitars and triumphant trumpets reminding of the “Rose clouds of Holocaust” period. I like the first songs of this album a lot, and the instruments played by Andreas Ritter (accordions and flute) really add something, sometimes creating a waltz-like sound. Starting with track 7 though, the style of the album changes completely. Quiet acoustics are replaced by distorted electronica and screaming and shouting. Hard to digest, but probably a means for Douglas to get rid of some frustrations…

artist: Death in June
label: Tesco
details: 11 tracks