Death in June / Kapo! – Only Europa Knows

This is a semi-official live album, authorized by Death in June. The cd was out of print for some time, but now can be obtained again. It is a registration of a concert in Belgium, at ‘t Syndroom in Sint-Niklaas on February 21, 1996. The concert was part of the Kapo! tour. Kapo! was a collaboration of Douglas P. and Richard Leviathan (then Strength through Joy, now Ostara). This cd contains 17 tracks, with most of the material of the Kapo! album, as well as many Death in June classics. On the menu are ‘Symbols of the Sun’, ‘Rose Clouds of Holocaust’, ‘Fall apart’, ‘Luther’s Army’, ‘Runes and Men’, ‘C’est un reve’ and many more. In this period Death in June sounded rather martial, with dominant, powerful drums. The sound quality is fairly decent, though the vocals are a bit in the background at times. It is a nice sound document, which I like perhaps even more than the official “Heilige!” live album. It makes me look forward to the upcoming Death in June concert in Belgium, in Waregem on April 30, 2002.

artist: Death in June / Kapo!
details: 17 tracks