Death in June – … presents KAPO!

Death in June can be seen as the pioneer of apocalyptic folk, or neo-folk as it often called nowadays. From a Joy Division inspired new wave sound, the group evolved from the mid 80’s onward. The sound changed to acoustic songs with military percussion.

Douglas P. is since a long time the only true band member. Other people left to from their own bands like Sol Invictus and Sixth Comm. Besides that Death in June inspired other musicians like Richard Leviathan, who is now well-known with his band Ostara (formerly Strength Through Joy).

Kapo! is a collaboration between Douglas P. and Richard Leviathan. This cd is a re-issue of the original album from 1996. Of course there are some bonus tracks on this edition. This is a very quite album, which is dominated by tranquil guitar and violin sounds. In the background there is at times some percussion. There are lots of samples from human voices used. The lyrics are spoken softly which gives the songs a poetic feeling.

Overall this is an atmospheric and relaxing album. Due to this it is also not the most dynamic record of Death in June. Some other DIJ albums are also being re-issued, so it is a nice chance to add them to your collection.

artist: Death in June
label: NER