Deathpile – G.R.

Just when I thought certain genres had finally died out, I?m confronted with this release.

Deathpile is one of those acts in the field of ?power electronics? that has been around for some time, and simply will not give up. Deathpile?s music is characterised by layers of noise, with samples and aggressive vocals.

The noise layers are not very interesting, they are very monotonous, and nothing really happens. The vocals are way too present, and keep whining about women being whores, and about serial-killer like activity. Apparently the vocalist wants to tell us something about these subjects, but fails to be very interesting.

This music is simply too simplistic, and the vocals are plainly annoying (unless you are a 16-year old male American redneck with sexual problems). For people who like this sort of stuff I would recommend listening to acts like Taint or Brighter Death Now instead, as these are a lot more interesting. Also, Jonathan Canady, one of the people behind this Deathpile project, has released more interesting works, like the Hollow Earth CD on Crowd Control.

artist: Deathpile
label: Hospital Productions
details: [hos88]