Decadence -­ Where do broken hearts go?

This neo-classical / neo-folk band has already built a name for themselves. Where do broken hearts go? is their debut on Cold Meat Industry. It is a tranquil record with a lot of fragile songs on it. Acoustic guitars, piano and synth sounds accompany the male and female singing.

I cannot escape the feeling the record is over produced. At times everything sounds a bit too slick (for example ‘Happily!’). When a little more power is displayed, like in ‘Good boys go to heaven’ and ‘By the time we sleep the deepest sleep’, the band sounds more natural.

Where do broken hearts go? is not a bad record. But, the music by Decadence is a sort chamber music you will like to put on in the background from time to time. It is not for everyday rotation.

artist: Decadence
label: Cold Meat Industry
details: cd, 10 tracks [CMI147]