Decoded Feedback – EVOlution

Music for the dancefloors, that is what Decoded Feedback stands for. Very danceable dark electro tracks that you can’t sit still to. This album consists of three parts: Part I contains six new tracks, part II has remixes from Breathe, Bio-Vital and Relic (songs from their previous album) and the last part is filled by the Italian formation The Frozen Autumn, who are covering Bio-Vital. The title-track EVOLution immediately sets the tone: it’s very catchy, with a hard beat, harsh distorted vocals, but also nice synth details in the background. Lyrics like “I’ve felt the cold technology injection, I’ve seen my children loose their emotions” represent the theme of the album. Maybe it’s not completely original (what you perhaps also don’t expect from the Zoth Ommog label), but for me they’re one of the better electro bands of the moment. Another good track is Frozen, which has a very infectious melody. For the remix part colleagues like In Strict Confidence, Aghast View and Funker Vogt, who operate in the same musical corner, were hired. But for me the best remix is the trancy “fictional remix” from Bio-Vital, a strong track that already appeared on popular samplers like ‘Electro Club Attack’ and ‘Deejay Tribe 2’. The cover by Frozen Autumn forms a nice conclusion and gives you some air after all the dancefloor killers…

artist: Decoded Feedback
label: Zoth Ommog