Dekad – Sin_Lab

Dekad is a French trio that is responsible for this debut album filled with synthpop, mixed with some EBM and some new-wave. The listener is welcomed with a strange start indeed, some weird bleeps, that loop in such a way that one can start doubting if the cd isn’t skipping. But after almost 30 seconds the first track really kicks in and all doubts are immediately swept away. One directly starts tapping along with the music and if standing, starts dancing, especially on tracks like “Naked” and special tip “Club Devil”.

Where the tracks themselves are all good to very good and the tracks merge into the album just fine, it still tends to be hard to listen to this album repeatedly. The boredom that arises seems to hail from the vocals that lack variation, even though two voices (both JB and Seb) are used on lead-vocals. This seems to be the major point for improvement of this otherwise again impressive signing of the BOREDOMproduct label.

artist: Dekad
label: BOREDOMproduct
details: 14 tracks, 2005 [BDMCD05]