Der Arbeiter – Reflejos des Sol

Der Arbeiter is a project by Juan A. from Chile. I first encountered Der Arbeiter on the “Wir rufen deine W├Âlfe” compilation. “Reflejos del Sol” (reflections of the sun) is the first official album of this act. And it’s an interesting piece of work. I am often reminded of Kirlian Camera, through the dry technoid beats combined with moody ambient layers. Whispered vocals and classical loops are added to the dynamic mix.

The 10 tracks of “Reflejos del Sol” have a warm, sensual feeling. The work of O Paradis comes to mind. A hypnotic, repetitive piece like ‘Victoria’ sounds like the military pop of Allerseelen. The last piece ‘Llamamos a tus lobos’ makes me think of Von Magnet with its flamenco elements. Overall a nice and varied album, with a lot of feeling and atmosphere. Its rays of light puts me in a good summer mood.

artist: Der Arbeiter
label: Divine Comedy Records
details: 10 tracks, 2005 [DC 036]