Der Feuerkreiner – La `Nvidia

Kim from Neuropa Records was kind enough to supply me with a copy of this LP. I already knew Der Feuerkreiner from their excellent contribution to the “Wir rufen deine Wolfe” compilation. The 12” mini-LP starts with “Tanz”, which reminds me of fellow Italians Camerata Mediolanense; a really nice neo-classical track with marching drums. Imagine a more harsh and distorted variant of Camerata and you’ll get the idea.

The second song on side A, “Mondendinge part I”, is quite atmospheric and mellow; keyboards and female vocals. Onwards to side B. “La ‘nvidia” is a an arrangement of a traditional folk song, starting out quite like Der Blutharsch but soon turning into an up tempo folky marching piece. Great track! The last track on this mini-LP is “Mondendinge part II”, a bombastic rhythmic piece dominated by keyboards and percussion.

Although I missed the more harsh and distorted side of this band like on “Wir rufen…” a bit, I can really recommend this high-quality release, it’s good music and should please fans of the bombastic neo-classical genre. Also, the vocals are very good, making Der Feuerkreiner a welcome change to all these instrumental neo-classical projects. The LP in nostalgic brown lay-out is limited, so hurry if you want to get a copy:

artist: Der Feuerkreiner
label: Neuropa Records
details: 4 tracks. green vinyl: 69 copies, black vinyl: 300 copies [NRP08]