Der Kunstliche Dilettant – Sag Nein!

A new signing from Invasion Planete is always interesting. Der Kunstliche Dilettant comes from Germany and produces a weird variation on minimal electro, the specialty of the French label. The primitive analogue sound of this record immediately calls to mind a recognizable atmosphere. Due to the modern rhythms that are played on the old equipment the songs nevertheless sound anything but
usual for the genre.

Musically Der Kunstliche Dilettant sounds a lot like the raw and aggressive electro from pioneers like D.A.F. and Liaisons Dangereuses. The German lyrics that are sung in a monotonous way, adds to the D.A.F. comparison.
It is really a pity that the sound quality of this record is not to good. The record sounds like it is already played a thousand times. But, you can always tell others the record is such good you actually did.

artist: Der Kunstliche Dilettant
label: Invasion Plan├Ęte
details: 12', 500 copies [IP016]