Der Unsichtbare / C. Kent – Echtzeitreise

I was pleasantly surprised by this new Kommando 6 release, especially with the C. Kent side of the record. The other Charly Kent release on Kommando 6 (Mein Zeichen EP) is one of the least interesting records on the label.

‘Licht’ is a track in the true Kommando 6 elektro style. It is dark, minimal and raw. Next to that is also very suitable for the dancefloor. The industrial undertones and the vocals give it an original twist.
The other C. Kent track, ‘Chainsaw’, sounds a little more modern. Even a bit like a darker and slower version on Prodigy. So, not as good as ‘Licht’, but still much better then the tracks on his EP.

On the B-side there are two tracks by Der Unsichtbare. ‘Monocain’ and ‘Maschinensteinzeit’ are also featured on the Feinde der Freude cd. Both are pounding and harsh elektro pieces. The tracks are minimal, raw and dark and will get some people moving on the dancefloor.
Echtzeitreise is a good EP with ‘Licht’ as definite highlight.

artist: Der Unsichtbare / C. Kent
label: Kommando 6
details: 12”, 4 tracks [K6 ­ XVI]