Der Unsichtbare – Feinde der Freude

This project already released some music, amongst others on Kommando 6. Now they release this cd on their own. Der Unsichtbare stands for dark beats and interesting elektro sounds.

The elektro style of Der Unischtbare is something special and unique. It has a punk attitude, makes use of (metal) guitar samples and is not specifically made for the dancefloor.

Some of the tracks are club friendly but overall this is music to enjoy in other ways then dancing. Very nice is the dark, raw and minimal ‘Kalte Ohren’. The track has a 80’s wave/NDW feeling hidden in it. More experimental is ‘Der Fall’ which has a heroic twist to it due to vocal / orchestra samples. Club friendly is the wavish ‘Maschinensteinzeit’, but the most outstanding track on this release is ‘Alles ist schwarz’. It has a clear 80’s reference and a nice dark mood.

Feinde der Freude is a very good record which will please all fans of the true elektro sound.

artist: Der Unsichtbare
label: self-released