Dernière Volonté & Novy Svet – Mon mercenaire!

A split single between these two Hau Ruck ! bands. The first track is Dernière Volonté style, the second track more Novy Svet style. ‘Mon mercenaire!’, the first track on this 7″, is simply irresistible. Great catchy drum loop, typical keyboards and vocals; a real surprise when I first heard it. This song should be played at parties more often!

The second track, El continent!, starts off with acoustic guitars and vocals by J. Weber of Novy Svet. The song is build up carefully, and after a while drums come up supporting the refrain which is sung by the singer of Dernière Volonté. Another great track, though not as catchy as the first one.
One of the most exciting releases I heard lately, check it out!

artist: Dernière Volonté
label: Hau Ruck!
details: 7', limited to 400 copies. (HR 30)