Dernière Volonté – Obéir et Mourir

“Obéir et Mourir” had a legendary status, because this double tape boxset from 1998 was very limited and highly sought after, certainly now the popularity of Dernière Volonté is rising. Perhaps the high prices at Ebay and illegal copies caused a re-release of this early Dernière Volonté material. The music from this box was originally recorded between 1995 and 1997 and is now completely remastered. This re-release also has seven unreleased tracks from that same period.

This release is certainly a special item. A dark green cardboard box, containing not only two cd’s in cardboard sleeves, but also a set of 14 postcards, showing mostly the destructive aspects of WW II. Inside the box it’s stated that “Obéir et Mourir” has no political, extremist or revisionist intentions, but it is merely an observation of a historical period.

The music of “Obéir et Mourir” is darker and more minimal than the recent releases of Dernière Volonté. The music on “Commémoration”and “Les Blessures de l’Ombre” is often described as military pop. The 28 tracks of “Obéir et Mourir” can hardly be called poppy. They are mainly dark atmospheric military soundscapes, perhaps you can call it martial ambient. Of course they can be recognized as creations of Dernière Volonté. They have some typical trademarks, like the marching percussion, the military samples and nostalgic war atmosphere, slow and melancholic synth waves and still quite some melodic qualities.

artworkThe music is on this box is certainly worthwhile. Most suited to enjoy as a whole, not as individual tracks, though I would like to name ‘Le travail rend libre’, ‘Roma’ and ‘La logique de la terreur’ as some of my personal favourites. People who got to know Dernière Volonté through their most recent work may find these old tracks too raw, minimal and industrial.

Personally I find it an intense listening experience, at times oppressive, in any case emotional, like it should be on a sound document representing an extreme era.

artist: Dernière Volonté
label: Nuit et Brouillard
details: 2cd, 28 tracks, 140 min. [NB.CD.06]