DeSADE – Suicide Lounge

Last year there have been quite some good gothic rock releases. Maybe there is even some indication that there is a renewed interest in classic gothic music and that this will continue (a new generation of ‘goths’ are discovering the history of this music).

DeSADE is a band with a typical American, sleazy, deathrock sound. In comparison with most European bands the play straightforward rock with lyrics and vocals that fit the genre. Most songs are up-tempo and are something like a mixture of the horrorpunk/deathrock Antiworld plays and the classic gothic from Ghostdance.

Highlights on the album are ‘Desperate Need’ and Night Terrors’, on which the band proves they know how to play old skool deathrock. There is nothing new about this music. Suicide Lounge is just a good old fashioned deathrock album.

artist: DeSADE
label: Orphanage Records/Strobelight Records
details: 13 tracks [orp 016]