Descendants of Cain – Promo

An English band with a 4 track promo cd, of which two tracks are taken from their debut album AtzILUTH, and two songs are unreleased so far. The Descendants of Cain are not the most original band I’ve ever heard, but their traditional goth/wave music is performed rather well. The Fields of the Nephilim are an important source of inspiration, which can be heard clearly in the openings track ‘Look at me’ and the next song ‘Possession’. The atmopshere, guitar sounds and style of singing all remind me of The Fields. The third track sounds a bit more modern, with more electronic influences and with a heavier guitar. The final song is rather good, a slow, gothic ballad. The Descendants of Cain are descendants of a long batcave tradition, and a band to check out if you have a crush for oldschool gothic.

artist: Descendants of Cain
label: self-released