Desert Planet -­ Mario built my hot rod

8 bit game console sounds are hot, especially for producers of lo-fi electro pop. Since five years the duo Desert Planet produces such sounds. Desert Planet turns cheap electronic sounds into catchy dance tunes. At times this works very well like in the energetic Breakout button’ or the reggae inspired She-creatures of the dry sea’.

At other times the result is slick dance music like Salsa Kong’ and ‘Cherokees’. Also on the whole Mario built my hot rod is a bit too much of the same. As a 12” with six tracks or something this could have worked, but twelve tracks on a cd is an overdose. The music gets boring. I think I put on Puyo Puyo again, he knows how to keep it interesting.

artist: Desert Planet
label: 9PM Records
details: cd, 12 tracks [9PM 031]