Desiderii Marginis – Deadbeat

It was already back in 1996 that Desiderii Marginis released the wonderful debut album Songs over Ruin, inspired by other Cold Meat acts such as Raison d”Etre, but with a distinct quality. Except for a track on the Absolute Supper sampler it became silent around this project, but luckily Desiderii has returned with a strong album. The musical style still is dark ambient with a lot of atmosphere, the overall mood is a litte darker, the sound a bit more industrial. The music takes you to deserted places and impressive dark and cold landscapes. The first track has a dense layer of synth drones, with some ethnic sounds, reminding of good old Delerium. The second track Mantrap sounds surprisingly harsh and industrial and is perhaps my favourite!

Further it is hard to pick out distinct tracks, because the album has an overall sense of unity. Deep dark drones, industrial noises, sometimes an orchestral synth, a few whispered voices, some sounds from nature.. Although there are many bands active in the dark ambient genre, I think Desiderii Marginis can be placed amongst the most skilfull… The compositions are subtle, the sounds convincing. The atmopshere remains throughout the album very sinister and cold, the temperature drops way below zero…

artist: Desiderii Marginis
label: Cold Meat Industry
details: 10 tracks