Desormais – iambrokenandremade…

This is the second album by Desormais, the collaboration between Montreal based Mitchell Akiyama and Cincinnati based Joshua Treble, again on the Intr_version label. The first cd by Desormais, a french adverb for ´from now on´, was a mix between the electronic glitchscapes of people like Oval, Tim Hecker and Fennesz, beat structures like Gas or Loscil, with a very organic sound.

On this second release you won’t hear any beats at all. The electronic glitchscapes have remained, but they hve a far more acoustic sound this time. You will hear loads of sampled guitar, looped and sliced into beautiful dreamy songs. It is clear that Desormais have expanded on this album, it shares the mood, and often the sound of their first album, but there is more. On ‘To say before going to sleep’ heavily treated female vocals by Jenna Robertson will come in, on The opening song you will hear drumming by Eric Craven (Hanged Up). Also Becky Foon (A Silver Mount Zion) can be heard in the album with her Cello.

The album is refreshing, it is a beautiful mix between acoustic sound, and dreamy glitch music. Imagine Christian Fennesz or Tim hecker remixing a Tarentel or Godspeed you black emperor album. Highly recommended to those looking for a different view on glitchy soundscapes or postrock music.

artist: Desormais
label: intr_version records
details: [intr007]