Detritus – Origin

When I first encountered Detritus (through cdr’s on David Dando-Moore’s own label Fleshmadeword, later renamed Immanence Records) I found the music directly exciting. Dynamic rhythms and raw industrial sounds were joined by lush ethereal melodies in an original and effective symbiosis.

Now a few years later Detritus has released his second album on Ad Noiseam. The musical recipe has not changed that much in the course of time, only the musical spectrum has become wider and the production richer. Perhaps the industrial origins have been pushed further to the background, with a larger role assigned to breakbeats and contemporary electronica.

A lot happens at the rhythmic front, with a great variety in beats and detailed electronic sounds. Some tracks are very danceable, like the powerful technoid ‘Sense’. Besides there are many accessible songs to enjoy at home, with a lot of feeling and atmosphere. One of my favourites is the opener ‘Paper cut’ which has a nice melancholic string sound. This track is also present in a remix by Mad E.P. with some cool dark basses. Another lovely song is ’16 Fingers’ where dreamy beauty and crunchy electronics are in fine balance.

“Origin” may not be very surprising if you’re familiar with Detritus’ previous work, but it is a mature album with a very intense sound that will trigger all your senses.

artist: Detritus
label: Ad Noiseam
details: cd, 11 tracks, 2005 [adn51]


  1. Agreed, Origin is very well organized. It is a shame more artists do not follow Dando-Moore’s style, because it seems there are lots of layers built into his tracks, from simple techno to serious movie soundtracks to aggressive noise. I agree with HD, when I heard Sense/Martyr I was amazed at the style, and Sense had been redone for Origin, the original is a bit more rough. Endengenous was a good album, but not as complete as Origin. Also Detritus does good first three tracks in Subjugate, a project with Cdatakill (I believe). Can’t wait for the next release.

  2. Many thanks for the review, and also to you Cvan for the kind words. Much appreciated :)