Detritus – Sense/Martyr

A new label and a new act for me. Fleshmadeword records is a new label dealing with industrial, noise, dark ambient and neo-classical, so they say. This cd from Detritus is the first release of the label. It combines the 2 mcd’s Detritus has made before, plus a remix of the track ‘Nailed’. “Detritus was begun during the winter of 2000, started for the purpose of creating a sound that was based within industrial rhythms and noise manipulation, but which also had its roots within orchestral/soundtrack inspired textures”, to quote their homepage.

The first songs of the cd starts with some sharp, metallic sounds. But it does not take long before a deep, loud beat takes over. It’s very fast, think of hardcore/gabber. A dense, noisy layer fills it up. At times there are breaks, with voice samples and church choirs! But they do not take long, soon relentless beats take over again. I must say that I find it a very original effect, this high energy dance music with Gregorian singing in the background. And the good news is, there are 8 tracks on this record that combine powerful industrial dance music with atmospheric elements! Track 2, ‘Sense’ is perhaps my favourite, the beat might be a little simple, but it’s oh so effective and infectious, and the synth lines in the background are great. ‘Respite’ is also very powerful, a dark drum & bass piece in the beginning, then it turns into very fast techno. In fact, to the whole album I can’t sit still. I must say I’m happy that the cd only lasts 35 minutes, because it is intense listening stuff. Next time I’ m going to DJ somewhere I will bring this stuff with me!

artist: Detritus
label: Fleshmadeword Records
details: 8 tracks, 2002