Deutsch Nepal – City of Stone

Deutsch Nepal began with a number of releases on Cold Meat Industry and Staalplaat. These releases were characterised by a focus on the use of loops, tribal rhythms and strange, repeated samples of voices. This made the releases into something like a dark and slightly bombastic meditation. The release of the album ?A silent siege?, had an even more industrial approach, and introduced the use of haunting vocals that chanted songs (or mantras) in the way that we can very well imagine drunken sailors to do (something that Deutsch Nepal live concerts were already famed for).

On this release, ?City of Stone?, which was released on Hau Ruck (the label of Albin Julius aka Der Blutharsch), we find two tracks in the same style as the ?A silent siege? album which was released on Old Europa Caf? some time ago. Tribal and Industrial Rhythms are combined with depressed singing. The music is pretty obscure and scary, but Deutsch Nepal manages to create something truly unique again, an atmosphere that only Deutsch Nepal is capable of.

Strangely enough, Deutsch Nepal somehow seems to be able to get away with not being able to sing quite well. The record is truly original and abstract and at the same time very ?catchy? and highly addictive.

It comes in a very nice sleeve with an insert that could be described as either ?funny? or ?disturbing? and is pressed in horrible pink vinyl,? how nice.

artist: Deutsch Nepal
label: Hau Ruck!
details: 10"