Devics – The stars at Saint Andrea

Many records that are released are not that good (most of them are therefore not reviewed here), but there are also many releases that are good. Only few however are really good. This album by the American band Devics is one that is without a doubt one of those. I could describe and dissect every individual track to prove why this record is so good, but that would damage the listening experience.

From the beginning to the end The stars at Saint Andrea is an astonishing stream of melancholy sounds that find their way into fantastic songs. There are hints of new wave, dreampop, triphop and psychedelic music to discover in the compositions. In (other) media the comparison was made with bands like Lo Ya Tengo, PJ Harvey, Portishead, Mazzy Star and Throwing Muses. I want to add Green On Red and Cocteau Twins to that.

It is true that elements of all these bands can be found in the music Devics plays, but above all they have a found a sound of their own to put the listener into a pleasant slumber and leave them impressed by their music.

artist: Devics
label: Bella Union
details: 10 tracks [bellacd47]