DHM – Disco Haine Medicine

My encounters with the Polish acts (Variété, Exit) on the label Furia Music have so far been positive. DHM is no exception to that on their debut album. This group, consisting of four members, is around for about 10 years and plays dark rock music, with quite some energy. The song structures are not too straightforward, but nicely build up the tension. Killing Joke is a reference for this music, and perhaps some other postpunk influences, but I’m also reminded of alternative guitar acts like Tool, Therapy? or Helmet at times.

The songs have the necessary variation in pace and mood, ‘Prowadz’ is for instance rather fast, with powerful drumming. ‘Sentimentally sick’ is rather heavy, while ‘Niezywy ogien’ is slow and sensitive. Only the vocals could be a bit more convincing at times, they are rather monotonous. The lyrics are mostly in Polish, but there also a few songs in English and agerman one (‘Laufen’). All in all a pleasant dark rock album.

artist: DHM
label: Furia Musica
details: 10 tracks