Die Form – Deep inside

New 4-track cd-single from this legendary French band. After the succesful album “Duality” with the hitsingles ‘Rain of Blood’ and ‘The Hidden cage’, and the compilation “Histories” Philiipe Fichot now returns with a rather good single. Again Eliane P. does the vocals. The title track ‘Deep Inside’ is cold and technoid. There is also a more danceable mix of this song (remixed by by L’Ame Immortelle) on this cd. Furthermore a new song called ‘Mask of Noise’, slow and threatening. The last track is ‘Chronovision’, known from the album “Confessions”. Here it is covered by Entropy (?), who made the track faster, with a heavier beat. As could be expected, the artwork is interesting as always.

artist: Die Form
label: Trisol
details: 4 tracks