Die Unbekannten – Don’t Tell Me Stories

Vinyl On Demand already released some very good obscure 80’s avant-garde, minimal electronics and industrial music. This lp comes as a surprise after these records, a pleasant surprise I want to add.

Die Unbekannten is of course an 80’s band. They combine the best of new wave, gothic rock and post-punk. The best elements of bands like The Chameleons, Ghost Dance and Siglo XX are present in their songs. All songs on this lp are from the early 80’s, taken from a long time out of print EP with some additional recordings.

The sound is at times very post-punk, like on ‘Radio War’ but a track like ‘ Don’t Tell Me Stories’ shows a more cold wave side of the band. ‘Against The Wall’ on the other hand is more traditional gothic rock orientated.

It is a long time since I enjoyed a gothic rock album as much as I do this one. It has just the right feeling, atmosphere and energy. Highly recommended.

artist: Die Unbekannten
label: Vinyl-On-Demand
details: lp, 10 tracks [VOD17]