Dies Natalis – Raunen

The debut of a new talented German neo-folk band, with 3 songs on a 10″, released by Eis & Licht. The openings song, ‘Rain’, sounds heroic and goves you the urge to sing along. Then comes ‘Deine hand zu halten’, a nice melancholic song of which the text is printed on the insert sleeve. Side B is reserved for one long, desperate romantic piece called ‘We Stand’, about a lost love. A remarkable, impressive song. I only wonder if it wouldn’t be better if it was sung in German. Anyway, this 10″ will give Dies Natalis a prominent place on the neofolk-map. The songs ‘Rain’ and ‘We stand’ are later also included on their debut album, but for some reason I prefer how they sound on this 10′, a bit more ‘kraftvoll’.

artist: Dies Natalis
label: Eis & Licht
details: 10'