Dino Martini – Ferien

Dino Martini is an obscure minimal artist from the 80’s. Ferien is the last tape he recorded and is now re-released on vinyl by WSDP (formerly known as Was Soll Das Schallplatten). It is a collection of extremely minimal and very crazy tunes.

Most of he songs are uptempo with very fast repetitive rhythms, nice simple melodies (one finger work) and weird singing. So, expect some high energy and nervous sounding music that will make you dance and smile.

Maybe the sound quality of this record is not all that. This is more often the problem with tape ­re-issues on vinyl. But, in the case of this record it makes the music even more charming and enriches the mood of the songs.
Dino Martini is as minimal as minimal gets. Ferien is an authentic and crazy release. Enjoy!

artist: Dino Martini
label: WSDP (Was Soll Das? Schallplatten)
details: 12”, 8 tracks [WSDP102]