Diorama – Amaroid

It’s been a while since “The Art of Creating Confused Spirits” was released, but Torben Wendt proves it was worth waiting. Melodic synth-songs that are so driven that you just have to put everything else away while listening to this album. You just want to dance along, cry along with the album.. feel what emotion there is in yourself.

Emotionally driven tracks like “Friends we use to know” are intertwined with more upbeat songs like “Champagne For All”. It is an album that sets moods and evokes emotions in a way very few albums do.

Listening to the album you can hear how much attention has been paid to the sound, working in five different studios to record and mix this album. Every sound is right, in time, in place, just where it should be and how it should sound. And the lyrics have their own very important place as well and got all the attention they needed. This combines into lyrics that one knows by heart combined with music that one can’t stop listening to.

Where so many musical acts fail in grabbing the attention of the listener and keeping it, Diorama does much more with this album.. it’s an album that won’t leave your head. Listening to Amaroid shows one again how big the influence of music is and should be.

A very impressive album thus, both in the amount of attention that was put into it (sounds, lyrics, booklet) as in the way it all turned out. A must-have for every fan of dark melodic synth-music.

artist: Diorama
label: Accession Records
details: 13 tracks, 2005