Diskrepant – 33-12

On the split cd with Des Esseintes, Folie ? Deux, Diskrepant showed a harsh and noise experimental industrial side of itself. How different the sound on this record is.

33-12 consists of two long tracks with mostly very tranquil and spiritual music. The drones have a sacred feeling. Due to the bells, gongs and chants the music also has an oriental touch.

This record is perfect music for meditation and psychedelic journeys. Simply the best soundtrack while reading The Tibetan Book Of The Dead or studying the writings of Timothy Leary.

Like the recent Moljebka Pulse album on Fin de Siècle Media, this record is a must for fans of intense drones. A great piece for relaxation and going beyond The Self.

artist: Diskrepant
label: Fin de Siècle Media
details: 2 tracks, 2005 [FDS10]