Displacer – Arroyo

M-Tronic from France is one of my favourite label when it comes to demanding electronic music, and this second cd by Displacer from Canada is one of their finest releases. This act already convinced me with the debut album Moon-phase, and on Arroyo the project of Michael Morton has evolved further.

The basis ingredients have not changed much. Nicely flowing electronica, mostly dreamy and elegant but also kinda dark at times, with subtle rhythmic elements. IDM influences are abundant, but nevertheless this album is accessible and relaxing. Moody ambient melodies are combined with complex but subtle beats and multiple layers. The carefully constructed tracks seem to have gained further in depth and dynamics. The production is also flawless and crystal clear. The album sounds very contemporary and is appreciated by me mostly late at night.

Worth noting are the almost abstract vocal elements by singer Victoria Lloyd of Cla ire Voyant on the nice track ‘Disconnected’, which has a hiphop-like rhythm, like more tracks on Arroyo. The additional remixes by 02, Dither and Flint Glass follow the general lines set out by Displacer, without adding too many new elements. This album is a must have if you like complex downtempo electronic music, acts like Gridlock or Scorn and labels like M-tronic, Polymorph or Funkwelten.

artist: Displacer
label: M-tronic
details: 14 tracks [mg12]