Dissecting Table – Hypocrisy

A new release by Japanese experimental artist Dissecting Table is always a happening. It has been released by the rather young label Mile 329 Org, from Arizona. “Hypocrisy” is already the fourteenth album of Dissecting Table. It contains 3 tracks, which last for 47 minutes. Each track seems to consist of various parts and styles. Dissecting Table usually varies between releases filled with loud & harsh noise (like the album “Memories”) and more soundscape-like material, as is partly the case with this new material. On this album sort of a mixture can be found, long experimental passages are alternated with outbursts of noise. Dissecting Table often adds extreme death vocals to his music, but they are largely absent on this mosty instrumental release.

‘Hypocrite and germs’ starts rather restrained, as a threatening soundscape, with a spacious feel and only some sparse feedback sounds now and then. But after a few minutes things get more dense and chaotic, with strangily distorted voices and noises. The track is also getting more rhythmic, with pounding beats and metallic sounds. Towards the end things slow down again, though you can still hear a dense mixture of the weirdest sounds. ‘Anarchist living in the law and order’ starts very fast, with hard-to-follow beats. They are mixed with extremily distorted sounds enter the aural violence, making me think of tortured pigs or something. Later in this track traditional oriental acoustic sounds are combined with violent noise blasts. The last track ‘Never ending trip to hell’ has a lot of howling feedback to start with, and then works its way up to a dense and chaotic finale. As usual with Dissecting Table it is a unique experience to endure his sonic creations, but I’m also quite relieved when the last tones have sounded.

artist: Dissecting Table
label: Mile 329 Org
details: [mile 329.14]