Dissecting Table – Memories

The Japanese Dissecting Table generally has two kind of releases, one is more ambient-noise oriented soundscape stuff, the other is a combination of rhythmic-industrial and noise. I’m not sure if this new CD also presents new material, as it sounds exactly like older stuff by Dissecting Table, but this CD certainly falls into the second category of his releases.

On this CD are four long tracks that can best be described as a mix of pure Japanese-style noise and rhythmic grindcore-like riffs. When thinking of Grindcore and Japan, you might be tempted to think of John Zorn’s Painkiller or Naked City projects, and for a part that is quite the direction this stuff is going, but on the other hand this music is far less complicated, and lacks any of the jazzy-finesse Zorn uses. This is far more basic and straightforward blasting stuff with a doomy edge. It will certainly appeal to fans of the grindnoise-group Man is the Bastard, or their noise project Bastard Noise or to fans of both grindcore and Merzbow.

artist: Dissecting Table
label: Triumvirate
details: 4 tracks