Dither – Summit

In a nice minimal dark red/brownish paper digipack comes the fourth album of the French act Dither. This project of Marc T. already released an album on M-Tronic before, last year’s “Urei”, which I have not heard. But if it’s as good as this new album I would not be surprised when it becomes a part of my cd collection one day. I believe that his previous album was more ambient-oriented, while on “Summit” the rhythmic side plays a more prominent part. But without losing its atmospheric qualities.

In fact, I’ve listened to this album a couple of times in bed, with my headphones on. I found “Summit” quite suitable for this purpose, while its detailed and well-produced music sounds very good on headphones, and it certainly has dreamlike elements. And the rhythms, which are at times sudden and surprising, prevent you from waking up hours later with your headphones still on… The subtle electronic aural sculptures of Dither are very well crafted. Intelligent compositions with a lot of details to discover, without becoming to dense or chaotic and still rather melodic. A few tracks are a bit more experimental, with some strange clicks and sudden breaks. But nevertheless the album gives the impression of a coherent whole. The mood is cold and high-tech at times, but more often melancholic and a little dark. My favourite track is the fifth one, a nice floating tranquil piece. Great album!

artist: Dither
label: M-Tronic
details: 10 untitled tracks. [Chemical Element C6]