Division S – Something To Drink #2

The Italian formation Division S is always thirsty. Much beer and even more wine is needed to get them inspired. ‘In vino veritas’ is their motto. Their alcohol-inspired nihilistic music is certainly entertaining. Of course acts like Novy Svet, Circus Joy and especially Spiritual Front come to mind, and Boyd Rice with his friends, ‘Music, Martinis and Misanthropy’ style. A strange mixture of smoky jazz, marching muzak and crooning pop. My favourite tracks are the Blutharsch-like industrial marching tune ‘Oh my God’, the over-the-top drunken praise of ‘Red wine’ and the folky sobering piece ‘Alone’ a la Boyd Rice. Waiter, I’m thirsty!
Hurry, caase there are only 50 copies of “Something to drink #2”. available for all you decadent big city people out there.

artist: Division S
label: Bunkier Productions
details: cdr, 9 tracks, 23 min. [BIV]