Division S – Something to drink 4

Division S is a strange but very interesting project. There is no real way to put a genre name to this music. Also the sound is everytime evolving and developing. The more typical post-industrial and neo-folk sound has been growing into a weird dada-istic extra-vaganza.

On Something to drink 4 you will hear anything from 60’s/70’s folk inspired songs to jazz-noir and sample based craziness. Highlights are the beautiful tranquil Pearls Before Swine cover ‘Another Time’, the loop based ‘Lament For The Blind’, which would be perfect as music for a neo film noir, and the absolute great 50’s/ 60’s pop inspired song ‘Seven’.

Something to drink 4 leaves a very good impression and makes me curious what the near future will bring for this project.

artist: Division S
label: Bunkier Productions
details: cd-r, 13 tracks, 2006 [BXI CDR]