Doherty, Sally – Sleepy Memory

It’s snowing outside. I’m looking through the window, while listening to the music of Sally Doherty. It’s hard not to get a pleasant melancholic feeling then. Though this cd was created in 1998, it still finds its way to my cd-player now and then, and I always enjoy it. Sally Doherty is perhaps most known for her work with Sol Invictus (on flute and vocals). But her solo work is certainly worthwhile. She is involved in various projects, with about as much different musical styles. Under her own name she has released a handful of albums, including the music for the BBC-series ‘Empire of Death’.

“Sleepy memory” was her second album, released in 1998 on her own label Tiger Records, with a re-release two years later by World Serpent. Sally is assisted by The Sumacs, consisting of almost ten different musicians. The music in general is tranquil and melancholic. Sally’s nice sweet voice, filled with expression, is accompanied by a variety of classical instruments, mostly strings and piano. Lovely fragile songs, subtle and restrained, to enjoy on a Sunday morning, to make the transition between sleep and daily reality somewhat easier.

artist: Doherty, Sally
label: Tiger Records
details: 13 tracks