Dove Yellow Swans – Live During War Crimes

I was really surprised by this cd. Not just this cd, but this cd on this label, Release The Bats Records. The label releases post-punk related music and until now always guitar sounds. Yellow Swans (often with an ever changing D-word placed in front of the name) produces a very different post-punk sound, namely industrial noise.

Their industrial is in the old style like Throbbing Gristle first gave it to the world and a band like Wolf Eyes plays it today. Live During War Crimes is a collection of tracks from various older (tape) releases but with a very cohesive feeling. Also all tracks were recorded in a live situation. The sound quality is superb, so no cheap lo-fi recordings here.

What you get are six untitled noisescapes based on improvisation and mainly produced by electronic mains. Prepare yourself for apocalyptic minimalistic sonic bombardments in the best tradition of industrial music.

This cd comes in a nice special format sleeve. It has been awhile since I heard such excellent and true industrial sounds. Highly recommended!!

artist: Yellow Swans
label: Release The Bats Records
details: Cd, 6 tracks [RTB#12]