Dr. C. Stein – Echo Trip

Even though the name Dr. C. Stein might not ring a bell for everyone, this musician was part of the legendary Dutch 80’s minimal electronics outfits Ende Shneafliet and Doxa Sinistra. As a solo musician he was somewhat less experimental but not less interesting.

The nine tracks on this LP show his style in all its grandeur. You can call it minimal elektro-wave ambient, or you can call it elektro lounge music. Either way Echo Trip is a perfect relaxation therapy. Sit back and enjoy the dreamy and mostly tranquil loungy analogue synth music. You will start dreaming of a future imperfect world as visualized in the 1980’s. The record would serve well as a soundtrack for Blade Runner, but also for Miami Vice.

The Echo Trip LP by Dr. C. Stein displays a side of the Trumpett archive yet not made available on vinyl. And, as always with Treue um Treue productions it comes in a nice edition. This time with a full color sleeve, on colored vinyl and in a limited quantity of 310 copies. Not to be missed!

artist: Dr. C. Stein
label: Treue Um Treue
details: LP, 9 tracks [TuT004]