Dream into Dust – The world we have lost

Dream into Dust is an American project around Derek Rush. Other contributing members are Bryin Dall, Patrick Hogan and Eddy Malave. The recordings on this album were made between 1995-1999, and released in 1999 on the now defunct Elfenblut label. I know the band mostly of some nice sampler contributions, which made me curious for this album, which I found at a bargain. “The world we have lost” is a musically diverse album, ranging from dark classical and folky pieces to strange soundscapes. Many sounds and noises are in the background, creating a rich aural spectrum. Intimate acoustic passages are alternated with full orchestral pieces and electronic layers.

As can be derived from the title, the album does not present a glorious world view. This is further reflected in the existential quotations from Sartre: “I knew it was the world, the naked world, suddenly revealing itself, and I choked with rage at this gross, absurd being”.
Really nice is ‘Cross the Abyss’, with some tense strings and soft, emotive vocals. Another highlights are ‘Nothing but blood’, an intimate acoustic song, and ‘Eternal inquisition’, a dark orchestral track, ‘dedicated to the West Memphis three and all victims of persecution through the ages”. Very powerful and a little Cold Meat-like is the title track. Though not every song is a direct masterpiece, there is quite some interesting material on this album, with a lot of (desperate atmosphere.

artist: Dream into Dust
label: Elfenblut
details: 9 tracks