Drone 24-7 – Blooddrugssexmoney

Crossover industrial metal and dark fetish themes. If this turns you on then Drone 24-7 might be the thing for you. Punky guitars, lyrics about sex and murder and fast drumcomputers, tortured vocals which sound like mr. Manson. To me personally the German Industrial Fetish Cyborgs of Drone 24-7, who already created a few releases before, are not really exciting. Perhaps I would have liked it when I was 18. The songs are rather monotonous and the production is not really optimal. The more restrained track ‘TSGO’ is probably ythe most interesting, with hints of classic gothic rock. Perhaps an interesting band to watch live, especially if they translate the BDSM theme in an arousing vixual manner.

artist: Drone 24-7
label: self-released
details: cdr, 5 tracks