Dubia Fortuna – Este Mesa

Dubia Fortuna is a traditional music group from the Czech Republic. Most of the bands repertoire consists of profane medieval music, mainly dances but also more tranquil pieces. What really sets this band apart from many other medieval bands is their Eastern European sound. Which is evident in many tracks, but very clear in ‘Quant Je Suis Mis Au Retour’ and ‘Estas Mesas’.

The overall sound of Dubia Fortuna is cheerful and light. Musically the band sounds authentic without being old fashioned. The songs are very lively. Thus Dubia Fortuna fits in somewhere between the mostly tranquil Estampie and the heavy Corvus Corax. Their music stands out in style and sound among the many traditional groups that are around. Recommended!

artist: Dubia Fortuna
label: self-released
details: 17 tracks [DF001-2]