Dubia Fortuna – In tabernas mundus

Dubia Fortuna pleasantly surprised me with their debut album Esta Mesa. This band plays a lively mix of medieval music with Eastern European influences. In tabernas mundus is a live album with songs from the debut and also some new tracks.

The record starts off with pieces that are in the same style as the studio recordings, although maybe a little bit more energetic. At the end of this live registration there are three tracks with a somewhat different sound. These songs, ‘In taberna’, ‘Skotten and ‘O quantum solicitor’ sound more modern then the other tracks. They are more playful and even pop orientated, without losing the medieval touch. It is a bit like the modern medieval music the Belgian band Follia! plays.

If the next studio record sounds like these last three tracks, Dubia Fortuna will probably become a much better known band. This fusion of traditional music with a modern feeling is something with which they can create an identity of their own.

Dubia Fortuna will perform live at the Elf Fantasy Fair on 23 and 24 april 2005 at Castle Haarzuilens near Utrecht, The Netherlands.

artist: Dubia Fortuna
label: self-released
details: 14 tracks