Duncan Avoid – Metaphysics

Duncan Avoid is a collaboration between Undacova and Kaebin Yield, both of whom I?ve never heard before. Together these artists create a soundscape of broken beats, noise, digital glitches and electronic pulses.

The entire work reminds me of Somatic Responses in a way or various other acts from the idm and breakcore scenes although ?Metaphysics? is a lot more ambient and atmospheric. It also has a strong influence from industrial music, think of the Ant-Zen or Hands record labels.

It seems like the artists still have to become familiar with their own style of collaborating, because sometimes there does not seem to be much of a point when the artists get lost in their technical trickery. Nevertheless it is a promising start.

artist: Duncan Avoid
label: Hive Records
details: 14 tracks [hiv.12]